Mission and Values

The people of Kendricks Creek United Methodist have tried to be the heart and hands of Jesus in our community since 1886.  We believe in making committed disciples of Jesus Christ transformed by his grace.  Because of that, we reach out to the world around us to share the same love and grace that we’ve been shown.  In all that we do, we try to faithfully live out a deep and abiding love of God and neighbor.

Kendricks Creek  is not a perfect church. But we believe that in our weakness, our God can show his strength.  To that end, we have a few focus areas that are very important to us: 1) Abiding Discipleship. 2) Extravagant Generosity. 3) Committed Mission.

We believe that Jesus came to establish a Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.  To that end, we labor with all the joy and humility we can muster! Care to join in?


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