Jesus came to Earth and took on a human body to serve people, not be served. As followers of Jesus in our community, we seek to follow his example into all corners of the world.  From our homes and offices to the streets and rural countryside, we passionately share the love of God with all the people that we can!

Below, you will find some different groups or organizations that we partner with to spread the love and Good News of Jesus Christ.  These are just a few ways, of many, that we can reach out to the world.  One of our hopes is to foster a climate where anyone can start a mission initiative that the church will help support.  Want to join us in God’s Mission? Contact us and we’ll get you plugged in!



  • Cooks Night Off – Free Community Meal offered periodically on Monday Nights throughout the year.
  • Hope House – We offer support to their clients as well as providing some building maintenance.  Check out their website here.
  • Jubilee Project – Our connectional partnership provides support throughout the year. Annually, our Men’s Group provides a Christmas Party for area children served by this mission.  Check out their website here.
  • Shades of Grace – One of the Kingsport District’s innovative missional churches, Shades of Grace reaches out to the last, least, lonely, and lost of Downtown Kingsport.  Check them out here.


  • Children in Belize – We are working on a growing partnership providing support for Children in poverty in Belize.
  • South Sudan – Along with other churches across the Kingsport District, we partner with the growing United Methodist Church in South Sudan.  For more information, check out this link.


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